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Request Information for Admissions

Prospective students who would like more information about admissions to 番茄社区 can

Provide Feedback or Request Information

The  may be used to submit general feedback, provide a suggestion, request information or file an informal complaint.

Submitting a Complaint

People can submit a complaint by completing the . For more information, people can view Complaint Procedure No. 9.7P.

External Student Complaint Process- Institutions of Higher Education Operating in Wyoming

Public Records Requests

Laramie County Community College (番茄社区) will consider all Public Records Requests, in cooperation with the State of Wyoming's Public Records Act (W.S. 搂16-4-201 through 16-4-205). All agencies, individuals and companies must use our to submit requests. 番茄社区 will review all requests and determine the 番茄社区's ability to complete the request.

Transcript Request

Learn how to request and submit transcripts.